Fellowships in Democratic Statecraft

Applications for Post-Doctoral Fellowship positions will be posted here in the Spring of each year. 

Contact Dr. Todd Sechser

Doctoral Fellowship Program

Furthering our goal of training the next generation, the lab will sponsor between one and five UVA Doctoral Fellows each year. These fellows will participate in the activities of the lab and partner with lab faculty on research projects in exchange for relief from their teaching and advising obligations. Fellowships will be offered in the spring of each year and will be open to any doctoral student in the College of Arts and Sciences. Contact Dr. Todd Sechser directly if you are interested in participating.  

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The lab hosts a handful of fellows every year doing research on questions of democratic grand strategy and global authoritarianism. Post-doctoral Fellows spend one year at UVA conducting independent research and working with lab faculty on special research projects related to the lab. They also engage in teaching courses in the College of Arts & Sciences.


Applications for 2021-2022 academic year are available through UVA Workday