Putting Research to Work

The Democratic Statecraft Lab harnesses the expertise of University of Virginia researchers to explore questions that will determine democracy’s place in the coming world order.

Advancing Scholarship

The Lab promotes innovative, multi-disciplinary scholarship about the history, foundations, consequences, and ethics of democratic leadership in global affairs, and it sponsors research projects related to exploring three critical subjects: defending democracy, democracy's competitors and democratic prosperity.

Promoting Dialogue

The Lab informs public and policy discourse about national strategy by establishing robust channels of communication between researchers, policy practitioners, and the public. The lab also sponsors a Colloquium Series, the Conversations in Statecraft Program, and the Statecraft Lecture Series to increase engagement with the broader community of democratic statecraft scholars.

Preparing for the Future

Headquartered at the University of Virginia, one of the nation's leading public institutions of higher education, the Lab is also committed to equipping the next generation of scholars, public servants, and citizens to face tomorrow’s challenges to the liberal international order.

Recent Works