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A glimpse of topics and events being discussed as part of the Statecraft Lab in partnership with the Democracy Initiative at UVA

Q&A: Long-term foreign policy effects of a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan

UVA Today

Lab faculty Todd Sechser (director), Dale Copeland and John Owen tackle the geopolitical concerns of the situation in Afghanistan. 

Why Physical Barriers Backfire: How Immigration Enforcement Deters Return and Increases Asylum Applications

Comparative Political Studies

Post Doctoral Research Associate Justin Schon and Lab Faculty David Leblang publish new article. Image via shutterstock. 

Can a New Iran Nuclear Deal be Made?

Newsradio WINA

Lab Director Todd Sechser shares his expertise with Les Sinclair at Newsradio WINA.

Nuclear Threats and International Security

UVA Club of Richmond

View lab director Todd Sechser's recorded talk on Addressing Nuclear Weapons and International Threats for the UVA Club of Richmond.

Climate, violence, and Honduran migration to the United States


Research by lab faculty David Leblang and his partner at Duke University, Sarah Bermeo. Image: Santo Domingo Ingenio, Oaxaca/Mexico - Nov.

Reassessing the public goods theory of alliances

Sage Journals

Statecraft Research Associate Josh Alley explores the free-riding hypothesis, determining that free-riding based on economic weight is unusual in alliance politics, which may be due to limits on al