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Putin is discovering that overwhelming military power can be a curse

Washington Post

Lab director Todd Sechser: As Stalin learned in Finland, small countries can inflict serious damange on invading superpowers. Image from shutterstock.

How Worried Should We Be About Russia Using Nuclear Weapons?

UVA Today

Lab Director Todd Sechser on the escalating threat from Russia. 

Russia Invades Ukraine. What Does it Mean?

UVA Today

Lab Director Todd Sechser on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. 

Made by History - The long-ago invasion that offers clues as to Vladimir Putin’s thinking on Ukraine

Washington Post

Article by By John Owen, Statecraft Lab faculty member. Image by Shutterstock. 

New Book: Emerging Technologies and International Stability


A new book has been released exploring the role of technology in international politics. Edited by Lab Director Todd Sechser along with Neil Narang and Caitlin Talmadge.

Budget Breaker? The Financial Cost of US Military Alliances

Security Studies

New article from the Statecraft Lab's Josh Alley, with Matthew Fuhrmann. Image from Shutterstock.