Note from the Director / Partners

A Democratic Statecraft Lab was a rotating lab in partnership with the Democracy Initiative at UVA. It ran from 2019-2022.

Note from the Director

How can democracies thrive in a chaotic world? 

American statecraft today confronts an array of dangers.  A worldwide pandemic, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, resurgent great powers, and the rise of authoritarian populism all threaten to undermine U.S. interests and erode democratic institutions.  These complex problems demand innovative and rigorous research. 

The Democratic Statecraft Lab was created to meet this need.  Bringing together the University of Virginia’s best scholarly minds, the lab produces cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research to illuminate today’s most pressing global problems and map strategies for countering them. Our experts from the social sciences, humanities, law, and public policy generate insights that break new scholarly ground and offer practical guidance to policy makers. 

The lab’s undergraduate courses, graduate fellowships, and post-doctoral program are designed to prepare the next generation of scholars, public servants, and citizens for a challenging world.  Our members are renowned teachers who have won awards at the university and national levels for their teaching and mentorship. 

Based at the University of Virginia, the lab’s close proximity to Washington, D.C. allows our scholars to engage with decision makers and analysts across the policy spectrum.  And our partnership with the Miller Center of Public Affairs helps us engage the public with seminars, roundtables colloquia, and other events that present our work in an accessible manner and contribute to a more informed democratic citizenry. 

Today’s global problems require a mixture of scholarly rigor, policy impact, and public engagement.  These are the core principles of the Democratic Statecraft Lab.  I hope you’ll explore our research while you’re here, and we look forward to welcoming you to our next event. 





Todd S. Sechser